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Hello, I'm Margo.

It is my deepest honor to be walking alongside you on YOUR journey of reconnection and revival - and here's a snippet of mine.



After nearly a decade of formal environmental sciences and sustainability education, culminating in a Masters of Environmental Sustainability, I found myself face to face with lifelong, severe depression and having no sense of what it was all for. 

I felt alone, disconnected, grasping for anything to pull me out of the depths of my own suffering. On the eve of nearly admitting myself to a mental hospital and waiting in fear of my own mental state, I was waiting for a call from a psychiatrist to finally get a prescription for antidepressants. I couldn't fight any longer. 

But instead of a call from the psychiatrist, I received a random text from a dear friend that she was getting some magic mushrooms, and asked if I would like some.

Magic indeed, that's when the medicine of the sacred mushroom found their way back into my life. This time for healing. This time for transformation. This time fore remembering my purpose, and for reviving of my devotion to Mother Earth and to the sacredness of life. 

And through that portal, Sacred Roots Revival was born. 

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Experience your true nature as an interconnected Being

Earth Reconnection is the practice of coming back to your true essence as a Spiritual Being having an Earthly Experience. Open to the medicine of Mother Earth and transform your perspective of what it means to be human through revival and embodiment of your sacred roots.  

Self-Guided Earth-based 

Embodiment Practices


Invoking the Power of Ceremony, Ritual & Prayer


Cultivating Intentional Relationship

With Mother Earth &  Plant Teachers


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