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Earth Reconnection for Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotion


The Earth is alive. She is calling you to connect with her in a deeper way. For your own personal healing, as well as hers. 

The typical paradigm of the western developed world tells us that we are separate, individuated beings and that the Earth is an inanimate object here only for our benefit. 

The suffering that has come from this paradigm is immense. For humanity and the Earth. It's time to dismantle the illusion of disconnection and anthropocentrism.

It's time to transform how we heal. It's time to expand our spiritual capacity. It's time to recenter ecological sentience. It's time to Reconnect. 

Welcome to Sacred Roots Revival.

Have you felt the aching

in your feet... 

to step once more upon the roots?

Perhaps you've heard the whispers

as the wind rustles you...

to remember?

Have you felt the tugging

on your heart strings...

to blossom again to her love?

Perhaps with even with tears 

streaming down...

a longing to return?

Revived Life 


1:1 and Self-Guided Earth Reconnection Journey 


The medicine wheel has served as a map of life for indigenous lineages around the world for millennia.

I offer my gratitude and acknowledgement to the Native North American Indigenous Peoples and to the ancestors who have carried this tradition for interweaving the Earth's cycles with personal inner cycles and larger collective cycles for healing and spiritual connection.

It is my intention to work with and share in integrity how I connect with these practices by bringing awareness and acknowledgement to the original carriers of these traditions. 

Working with the medicine wheel has brought great significance and healing to my own life and my own capacity for cultivating intentional, reciprocal relationship with the Earth. That is why I call upon this map in the Revived Life program to guide and support the work of Earth Reconnection.


Sacred Roots Revival is rooted in working with the cycles, elements, and wisdom of the Earth to support personal, spiritual, and ecological healing.

The Revived Life program encompasses 4 foundational "pillars", in tandem with the primary 4 directions of the medicine wheel, for living in flow, harmony, and right relationship with Mother Earth to reconnect with your truest, most innate nature of Self.

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I'm so glad you're here. 

I'm Margo. I'm an Earth Reconnection Facilitator helping to create intentional, reciprocal relationship with the Earth to support personal healing, spiritual expansion, and ecological justice.


With a Masters in Environmental Sustainability and over two decades of working with psychedelics, I found that the root of my own suffering was interwoven with the root of the climate crisis: that the majority of western society lives in a paradigm of disconnection and separation from Mother Earth and from the sacredness of life.


A lifetime of spiritual starvation initiated me on a deep journey healing from addiction, chronic depression, and chronic illness beginning in 2017 by turning to therapeutic work with plant medicine and ancient spiritual traditions. 


Holding certifications in somatic plant medicine integration, transformational addiction recovery coaching, essentials of IFS, and my own deep work of dieting Amazonian Master Teacher plants and working with sacred plant medicines, I interweave somatic exploration, parts work, plant medicine allyship, and shamanic energetics in 1:1 facilitation programs, self-guided courses, and virtual & in-person gatherings.


I am continuously learning how to walk in right relationship with the Earth, expanding my capacity of holding space for others in their process of healing and transformation, and learning with sacred plant allies to ever deepen into the awe of the Great Mystery that is life & consciousness, Earth & Spirit. 


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