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Earth Reconnection for Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotion


Welcome to Sacred Roots Revival.

Where we are dismantling anthropocentrism and centering the sentience, intelligence, and sovereignty of the Earth and all her Beings. 

Where we are opening to a new yet ancient perspective of interconnectedness to support personal healing, spiritual expansion, and ecological justice. 


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Have you felt the aching

in your feet... 

to step once more upon the roots?

Perhaps you've heard the whispers

as the wind rustles you...

to remember?

Have you felt the tugging

on your heart strings...

to blossom again to her love?

Perhaps with tears streaming

down your face...

a longing to return?

Revived Life 


1:1 and Self-Guided Earth Reconnection Journey 


The medicine wheel has served as a map of life for indigenous lineages for millennia. I offer my gratitude and acknowledgement to the Native North American Indigenous Peoples who have carried this tradition for working with the Earth's cycles, as well as personal inner cycles, and larger collective cycles, at micro and macro levels.


Sacred Roots Revival is rooted in working with the cycles, elements, and wisdom of the Earth to support personal, spiritual, and ecological healing.

The Revived Life program encompasses the 4 foundational principles, in tandem with the primary 4 directions of the medicine wheel, for living in flow, harmony, and right relationship with Mother Earth and with yourself. 

Scroll down to see an overview of these 4 principles, or pillars as I call them, or click the button here to be directed to the program details. 

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Revived Connection


Action: Rooting

System: Body

Element: Earth


We start with the  tangible level first through physical interaction with nature, and somatic work with the body to establish a solid foundation for the journey of Earth Reconnection. We are rooting solidly into the fertile soils of Mother Earth so that we can receive her nourishment and feel her support all through the journey. 

Mind - Sprouting - Air Element

Sprouting with Intention

Each breath we take is an invitation to open to the medicine of intention: our own internal navigation system, guiding us through life and keeping us in tune with the flow of Mother Earth. 

Pillar #3

Blossoming in Expression

The medicine of expression is tapping into that creative, vital life force energy that courses through the veins of Mother Earth and emanates into and through you as an integral being of Earth, always.


Pillar #4

Releasing & Receiving in Reciprocity

The medicine of reciprocity is flowing with the eternal healing essence of the waters: giving and receiving in an ultimate acknowledgement of interrelationship with Mother Earth and all that is. 

Sacred Root Revival Offerings

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Revived Life - 1:1 Facilitation

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Revived Life - Self Guided

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I'm so glad you're here. 

My name is Margo. I'm a Transformational Reconnection Coach and a Stewardess to the Sacred Roots of Mother Earth. With a Masters in Environmental Sustainability and over two decades of working with psychedelics, I found that the root of my own suffering was interwoven with the root of the climate crisis: that the majority of western society lives in a paradigm of disconnection and separation from Mother Earth and from the sacredness of life. And so I created Sacred Roots Revival in service to the crisis of suffering due to this core dis-ease of disconnection. 


Holding certifications in somatic plant medicine integration, transformational addiction recovery coaching, essentials of IFS, and my own deep work with Master Teacher plants and sacred plant medicines, I interweave somatic exploration, parts work, and shamanic energy work in 1:1 coaching sessions.


Using the methodology of the 4 Pillars as a guide, I help you reconnect with the medicine of cultivating intentional relationship with Mother Earth to revive what is sacred for you so that you free yourself from the illusion of disconnection and separateness and reclaim your true nature as an inherently interconnected and joyfully whole Being.


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My signature offering The 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival is available as both a Self-Guided Course and as a 1:1 Coaching Program. 


Explore these offerings to find what is most supportive to you in your journey right now, or schedule a FREE 30-min Connection Call below. 

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Self-Guided Study


  • Teachings of the medicine of each Pillar, plus guidance documents for self-facilitated ceremony, daily rituals, guided visualization practices, journaling prompts & more!
  • Includes recordings of guided practices and printable PDFs
  • Lifetime access
  • Work through the Pillars at your own pace
  • Excellent for supporting those who already have a solid Earth-Connection ritual but would like to explore some new methods, approaches and concepts
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1:1 Coaching Program


  • Full access to the Self-Guided Study Course which will follow along with our sessions
  • 2X 90-min 1:1 sessions per month for 4 months, a total of 8 sessions rooted in frameworks of somatic exploration, parts work, and shamanic energetics
  • 4X Guided 1:1 ceremonies, one per month¬†to invoke the energies and medicine of each Pillar
  • Plus interwoven guided Sacred Mushroom Microdosing allyship¬†to enhance your embodied experience of interconnection
  • Support from¬†additional plant allies throughout the program
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