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The 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival serve as a map to guide you back to your Inherent Nature of Sacredness


The illusion of separation and disconnection is what most of us refer to as "reality," but I'm here to challenge that paradigm and support you in reclaiming your inherent interconnection with Mother Earth and with the Sacredness of life. 


This Sacred Roots Revival path is the culmination of nearly a decade of education in the environmental sustainability field, over two decades of working with psychedelic and sacred plant medicines, and following the deep, dark passageways back to my true nature and the reclamation of my own Sacred Roots.


After excavating myself from the burdens of addiction, life-long depression, and chronic illness all rooted in the core sickness of disconnection, I've re-rooted myself in the fertile soils of interconnectedness and inherent belonging, and I've returned with a map and an urgent calling of service to you on your own transformational journey of excavation, rerooting, and reconnection.  


The 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival 1:1 Coaching Program & Course

Embody the Transformational Medicine of the 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival:

Connection, Intention, Expression & Reciprocity

  • Excavate your¬†feelings of separateness and¬†lean into the holding of Mother Earth, so that you¬†open to your inherent inter-Connection,¬†and Root into your true nature.
  • Breathe a sigh of fresh air, clearing the illusion of isolation, so that you tune into the guidance¬†of your Intention to¬†help you navigate
  • Burn away whatever has been stifling your Expression, so that you activate the power of your Center of Self.
  • Open to the Sacred Waters to wash clean and purify any grief, sadness, or fear you've been holding so that you can return to the flow of Reciprocity innate to the Wholeness that you truly are.¬†

Details of The 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival 1:1 Online Coaching Program & Course

  • 4-Month Guided Journey with personalized support all along the way
  • 2x virtual 90min 1:1 sessions per month, rooted in frameworks of somatic exploration, parts work, and shamanic energetics
  • 4x virtual Facilitated Ceremonies, to invoke the unique medicine of each pillar and¬†open your¬†channel to start receiving
  • Facilitated and guided Sacred Mushroom Microdosing Allyship protocol to support you in embodying your process of ReConnection to Mother Earth
  • Access to the full 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival online course which corresponds to¬†the session work and gives you access to tools, practices, and guidance for deepening into your own unique way of connecting with and relating to Mother Earth
  • Signal app voice-memo support to answer¬†questions along the way
  • Bonus: 2-hour sustainability evaluation to assess where your current lifestyle¬†and how you can live in greater integrity to your values ($200-$400 value).¬†
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The 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival Self-Guided Course

Move at your own pace and Listen to the Guidance from Within 

Each pillar contains teachings and practices to help you learn and embody the medicine of

Connection, Intention, Expression & Reciprocity 

  • Guidance for creating self-facilitated Ceremonies to invoke the energy of each Pillar
  • Sharing¬†of teachings and daily rituals to listen deeply and learn through self-paced engagement of the work¬†
  • Recordings of guided visualization practices to support your embodiment of the medicine of each pillar
  • Journaling prompts to support your reflection and integration
  • Bonus additional embodiment practices for each pillar¬†
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