$1,777.00 USD

Pay in Full - The 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots Revival - 1:1 Coaching Program & Course

This is the Pay in Full Pricing Option.


Interconnection is inherent to your being. The illusion of separateness creates endless manifestations of suffering, from depression, anxiety, addiction... to feeling trapped, helpless, or frustrated with your daily experience.


Free yourself from this illusion so that you reconnect with your true nature and revive your knowing of your inherent sacredness.


What you'll get:

  • 2x 90min online coaching sessions per month, plus 1 60 min introductory session 
  • 4x Guided Ceremonies to invoke the medicine, energy and essence of each Pillar, 1 Ceremony for each
  • Access to the 4 Pillars of Sacred Roots revival course with teachings, guided practices, rituals, journaling prompts & more
  • Support and facilitation of a Sacred Mushroom macrodosing protocol to support your embodiment of reconnection to Mother Earth and to the Sacred

This is a 4-month program. If you have unique needs or considerations please reach out.