Will You Be My Valentine, Pachamama?

Even though this is a recording of a Valentine's-themed event, the practices and teachings shared here are deeply rooted in the mission, values and paradigm of Sacred Roots Revival.

This offering is a great way to get to know me and my work and to help you deepen your relationship to Pachamama in a way that is healing for you and for her - at any time of the year! 

What you'll get:

  • Learn about the 5 Love Languages & how they translate to Earth Reconnection
  • Guided Somatic Connection Visualization Practice to support clearing of the physical, energetic, emotional & spiritual fields and refilling them with the supportive, nurturing energy of Pachamama. 
  • Fun creative expression practices to give back to Pachamama in a way that sparks playfulness, curiosity, and invokes reverence, gratitude, and of course LOVE!

You will receive any needed instructions upon signing up for this offering. You will have life-time access to this recording.